Thursday, March 27, 2008

Abstinence Minded

Abstinence Only Education? Seriously? Come on, it's 2008; get real. After all, kids WILL BE kids.

I'm sorry to disagree with this method, but I have to tell you saying "Hey kids, don't have sex" is almost as stupid as saying "Hey kids, don't drink and drive." Absolutely barbaric.

It's time to wake up and face the ugly fact that they're going to do it anyway.

So what now?


I propose that once a semester during health class we take these naive, young, little kiddos out to the parking lot, get them liquored up and teach the how to drink and drive PROPERLY.
EDUCATION IS THE ONLY ANSWER, and safe drunk driving is the only way we're going to see alcohol related death rates lowered.

We must teach these youth, step by step, how to put on their safety belts while holding a 40 oz. beer, otherwise we have no one to blame but ourselves when their brown paper bag breaks and alcohol gets all over the upholstery. They didn't know any better; they WEREN'T TAUGHT how to properly secure the bag. They also need to know what resources are available to them if their own old-fashioned parents aren't willing to buy them alcohol. The last thing we want is them purchasing adult beverages in some dark, Tijuana, back's just not safe. It's vital that kids have access to this information, whether or not their prehistoric parents agree, or we will have no one to blame but ourselves when they end up getting hurt.


Monday, March 24, 2008

All packed up with nowhere to go...

can I come live with you?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bowl Movement

I hate packing...especially the little, fragile, horrible things that you know are going to get broken now matter how much you rap them; i.e. wine glasses, dishes, picture frames. It's inevitable.

And what about all of this giant crap we have from IKEA? How do you store an eight foot tall canvas? Or break down a 546 part piece of furniture. Those Swede's are twisted.

As much as I want to put a visible dent on this packing process, all of these things keep getting left out because they are so miserable to box up and transfer.

Wow...8:55 and I'm already psyched out. This day looks promising.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Knee Deep In Sheep

Washington DC, Feb 28, 2008 (CNA).- On Wednesday a full transcript of Democrat presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama's July 2007 speech to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in which he vigorously defended legalized abortion became available. In the July 17 speech, Obama attacked the Supreme Court decision that upheld the federal partial-birth abortion ban and the nomination of Supreme Court justices who favor overturning Roe v. Wade. In the speech the senator said, 'There will always be people, many of goodwill, who do not share my view on the issue of choice. On this fundamental issue, I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield.' Obama based his speech around the question, "What kind of America will our daughters grow up in?"
He specifically argued against the Supreme Court decision Gonzales v. Carhart, which upheld restrictions on partial-birth abortion.
"For the first time in Gonzales versus Carhart," Obama said, "the Supreme Court held—upheld a federal ban on abortions with criminal penalties for doctors. For the first time, the Court's endorsed an abortion restriction without an exception for women's health. The decision presumed that the health of women is best protected by the Court—not by doctors and not by the woman herself. That presumption is wrong."
He warned abortion supporters that the partial-birth abortion ban should not be construed as an isolated effort, saying it was wrong to presume the law was "not part of a concerted effort to roll back the hard-won rights of American women."
Obama said the decision had encouraged an Alabama lawmaker to introduce a measure to ban all abortions. "With one more vacancy on the Court, we could be looking at a majority hostile to a woman's fundamental right to choose for the first time since Roe versus Wade and that is what is at stake in this election," Obama claimed.
The senator said he had a long tradition of support for legalized abortion, citing his efforts in the Illinois State Senate and his classes as a law professor. "I have worked on these issues for decades now," he said. "I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught Constitutional Law. Not simply as a case about privacy but as part of the broader struggle for women's equality."
The dissent of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in Gonzales v. Carhart won praise from Obama while Justice Anthony Kennedy, who spoke for the majority, was held up for ridicule.
"The only thing more disturbing than the decision was the rationale of the majority. Without any hard evidence, Justice Kennedy proclaimed, 'It is self-evident that a woman would regret her choice.' He cited medical uncertainty about the need to protect the health of pregnant women. Even though the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found no such uncertainty. Justice Kennedy knows many things, my understanding is he does not know how to be a doctor," Obama said.
On the topic of judicial appointments, Obama reaffirmed his opposition to the confirmation of Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito, who are believed to be hostile to the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.
Obama also depicted his opponents as divisive, saying, "They want us to believe that there's nothing that unites us as Americans—there's only what divides us. They'll seek out the narrowest and most divisive ground."
Senator Obama said he was "absolutely convinced that culture wars are so nineties," saying it was "time to turn the page."
"We're tired about arguing about the same ole' stuff," he continued. And I am convinced we can win that argument. If the argument is narrow, then oftentimes we lose."
He said abortion advocates should emphasize their support for women to have the "same chances" as men.

With all do respect Senator, let's not just give them the same chances as men in general. Let's give them the same chance as you. Correct me if I am wrong but did you or did you not have your brain violently sucked out of your head long after the point at which you could feel pain? Based on these comments that may still be up for debate.