Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Am Sick Of America!

Happy 4th of July.

Lately I have been researching the struggles women go through overseas; how they are shot point blank in "honor killings", sold into prostitution, and raped at the age of twelve....then I have the audacity to turn on E.

How dare I.

I see this show called 'Suntan something...' and these ridiculous women are arguing over such insane nonsenses that I have a hard time readjusting my brain; I get cultural vertigo. I am ashamed to call myself an American woman. We are stupid! We have bleached most of the sense we are born with straight out of our brains and the rest we just pollute with silicone.

You know when you go and see a movie, and then after it is over as you are walking out you're almost surprised by the lack of mood music and play by play narration. You have to take a minute to adjust to what reality actually is. But why do I feel that way after watching 'reality T.V.'? I mean, I'm comparing apples with apples, right?

How can eastern civilization be so drastically different from western? As I count my blessings for being born here I often think, 'why am I who I am'? Am I a product of my environment or my experiences? Would I be better off if my character were tested more...on a far deeper level? I won't dare to say that I envy the torture that women overseas face. I live in a cushy suburban environment and I know that the biggest tragedy in my life would barely scratch the surface of women living even 30 minutes from me.

I recently met a women who's faith inspires me in such an immense way. She is a single mother and has three children who depend solely on her. With all of the stress she is constantly under the one constant in her life is her belief in God's faithfulness. Whether you are a friend or the person behind her in the grocery store she will testify to how Christ provides day in and day out for her needs. She is so elated by his blessings that she recently made this comment when asked 'so how do you guys like this warm weather' where she responded "well we don't have any air conditioning but since we have cement floors I just lay down on them and they are so cool!, God is good!' And she is right, he is! God is good! No, she is not in the minority of Plano norm, but compared to so many others in the world, she is blessed! I am blessed; you are blessed. God is good, sooooo good to us!

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