Monday, December 3, 2007

Beyond Feminism, Back To Reality

I'm reading a particularly powerful book right now by Mary Pride, entitled 'The Way Home.' I have a feeling that I'm really going to enjoy it based on this first paragraph. I will share a little bit of it with you:

"Today's women are the victims of the second biggest con game in history. "Women's" magazines follow in the footsteps of Playboy and Hustler, degrading us to the level of unpaid prostitutes by glamorizing uncommitted sex."

I've never looked at it this way before, but oddly enough it seems so blatantly true.

Cosmo's pages constantly preach the gospel of 'Call Girl Sex' and 'Give Him What He Likes' techniques to any young, naive, teenage girl who'll waste $3.95 on their gas station garbage. Tutoring them on how to perform x, y and z to their man's liking, how to dress to impress every swine at the Saturday night meat market, and how to use their sex appeal to get ahead in the workforce.

I mean, duh, of course a man probably suggested, if not wrote most of these check out line attention grabbers!

Filling the minds of today's adolescent girls with this morally corrupt information produces tomorrow's generation of easy to bed, early to get a rise females for their hedonistic playground.

If it's true that men our visual and women are verbal than I say this smut should be put in a brown paper bag too.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go...I wanna read that book now. =) Wendy Shalit also touches on magz. like these and others in her book: "Girls Gone Mild." Which you would love and is a real page-turner and insightful read! =)
I am soooo happy you posted a blog up about this. I'm sure as you get further along in it you will share even more info. with us to ponder on, right!? Hope so. =)