Thursday, December 20, 2007

Richard Edward Knight

So I called my father today. Not my "dad," but the man who gave me half of my chromosomes.

Aiden and I were watching a show on kids who went out looking for their estranged parents this afternoon, and even as hormonal as I am I was proud that I made it all the way up until the end before I burst into wild 'I want to know MY sperm donor' tears when this one girl was reunited with her long lost brother. It was such an amazing moment, and even though I don't believe my biological father has ever been married, who's to say that he hasn't bastardized other children out there.

I lost the only sibling I had 3 years ago and nothing will ever take his place, but part of me still longs for even a knock off version of that special sibling relationship.

I checked MySpace first. Here's what I found:

These were the only two who went to The University of Texas at Austin during the right time frame and that are the correct age. Is it wrong that I hope it's the latter, if either?

Anyway, after MySpace turned up disappointing I used one of those spy search engines. Five minutes and $9.95 later I was looking at his current address and phone number. I didn't give my nerves a chance to get to me; I just picked up the phone and called. The first number was disconnected and my heart sank a lot lower than I thought it would. But the second worked.

Before I knew it I was listen to, what I'm pretty sure was, my father's voice on his answering machine. "Hey, you've reached Richard, please leave a message and I'll call you back."

So, I did.

Tell me exactly what degree of psychotic you think I sound like here:
"Hi Richard, this is Destiny Herndon...I'm not actually sure that I have the right Richard Knight or not, but if I do than you know why I'm calling. I would like to talk to you so please give me a call when you have a moment..."

Who in their right mind would return that message?!?!....probably only the first guy from MySpace.

I bet he thinks I need him to bail me out of jail or co-sign on a car loan. But all I really want is a picture. I'm sick of being so white trash that I can't tell you what my mom's baby daddy even looks like. And I want to know if I'm as alone as I feel when it comes to brothers and sisters....maybe I should have just said that.

Either way, I've decided to name this entry after him, because if I'm correct and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, than I'm sure he's just as narcissistic as I am and will Google himself one day and it will lead him to my blog.....where he will really be scared off and NEVER want to contact me, but at least I will deserve it that time! (:


Anonymous said...

If he's smart...he'll call, even if he's not the right man, he should call so he can put you at ease that your search still needs to be on going. But you are most likely correct, I bet it is him.

I think you were kidding but I would have put that on the machine, so that he would know why I was calling and didn't have time to let his mind race and talk himself out of it.

I think you were strong to have called him. =)

Matt said...


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Anonymous said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

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