Friday, February 29, 2008

Back Alley Pap Smears

Pro-Life Men, Imagine This...
You wake up one morning feeling wonderful. The warm sun is beaming into your bedroom window and after a big, long stretch you hop out of your nice, cozy bed, hug your kids good morning, grab the paper and sit down to enjoy a strong, piping cup of coffee. Once you are finished you head up stairs. Time to begin today the same way you begin every day...with a nice hot shower...but this shower will not be like every other shower.

While you're washing yourself you discover a lump. You discover a lump in a place that you don't ever want to find a lump. Your mind goes racing. Is it...a it cancer...or is it just a harmless cyst? You reason, 'I'm sure it's a cyst, yeah, that's all, just a cyst; no big deal.'

Now at this point a withering number of extremely blessed men would be able to call their physician and make an appointment for first thing that morning. But not you. You, sir, are uninsured.

Now what?

I assume that you continue on through the week trying to ignore what has now become *gulp* "THE LUMP." I mean what other option do you have? Then you begin to notice it's growing; it's getting worse; it's starting to ache...until finally you can no longer bear the pain!

But your family cannot afford that $20,000 trip to a specialist, just so you can go and get the boys checked out.

What are you going to do?

Let's say, right in your moment of need, I come along to offer you help? Wow, I'm a angel. And not only that, but I'm going to offer you help at the extremely discounted price of only $79. I can do this for you because good ole Uncle Sam has already paid the way for your visit. Wow, doesn't your country just love you? You would have to be absolutely nuts, pardon the pun, to reject my help, now wouldn't you?


New scenario: Grow a vagina. Turn that lump into any number of terrifying women's issues that a perfectly healthy 20-something female will have. And oh yeah, by the way, Uncle Sam over there in the shining armor actually works for Planned Parenthood.

The real question is, in your most desperate time of need would you let an abortionist put their hands on your body? Would you help them fund the murders of innocent children with one dime of your money, let alone $79 dollars of it?

Then why should we have to?

I'll tell you why, because Planned Parenthood runs the monopoly on women's services.

Don't believe this is a real overwhelmingly valid issue in our society today? Here is a frantic e-mail I received from a dear activist friend of mine earlier tonight:

"Hey, I don't think I'm gonna be able to go tomorrow to the pro-life training...I'm in a LOT of pain right now...I'm trying to get a doctors appointment for Monday...girl-stuff, ya know? I don't know what's going on but it started Monday night and has just gotten worse...bad pain, down low...feels like my ovary is ripping....I had a c-section with my daughter and never took pain pills for it...I have a really high pain tolerance, but this is making me cry!!! Please keep me in your prayers.
I don't have insurance and I don't qualify for medicaid...some doctors don't even want self-pay clients, so all of the sudden they're "not accepting new patients." Everyone wants like $200-350 for a PAP!!! Oddly enough, PP only charges $79!!!!! AGH! Yeah, I called them. I'm in crisis so I wanted to see what they'd do. Nice, eh?
I'm so frustrated. But not frustrated enough to sell my soul to them, don't worry.
God just has to heal me. Bottom line. Please pray for that to happen quickly."

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in her shoes.

All you powerful, Christian, Pro-Life men talk about shutting down Planned Parenthood, but why not get to the root of the problem.

This is a call to action.

Pregnancy centers are a start but they offer limited services. We're not all pregnant teenagers in need of a free test. What about the women out there, who like my friend above, might be going through a tubal pregnancy? It would be debilitating to our families if we had to pay exorbitant prices for these necessary services. We are being forced to sacrifice our health, and possible future reproductive viability, for our moral stance against Planned Parenthood.

Now I ask you, are either of these option truly "Pro-Life."

CHANGE THE SYSTEM. Don't just be against something, BE FOR SOMETHING. Something better, and mark my word Planned Parenthood will crumble on its own.

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