Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Post Secrets

Sometimes my anxiety feels like it's bigger than my God. I'm sorry Jesus.

My children make my life worth living. That's a lot to put on them. I really hope it doesn't screw them up one day.

Every time you try to comfort me by saying 'I would never have an affair, I'm not that type of person.' It reminds me that I am.

Sometimes it feels like my purpose in life has ruined my life.

Since when did it become ok to replace the phrase 'Congratulations on your pregnancy!' with 'So, is he going to get a vasectomy after this one?' Frankly, that is none of your business but thank you for letting me know how offensive my blatant reproduction is to you, A-hole.

I never want to have a supernatural experience. ever.

and finally...

When I was 14 a boy from my school, that I didn't know, died. I wanted to fit in with all of the other kids who were crying so I went to the bathroom and put red lip liner on under my eyes. It worked.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone asked about Abe. and his man parts...how rude. =(

KC said...

It's refreshing to read such real frustration from other Christian friends.
I'm working on putting my own plastic smile into a box for good.

Anonymous said...

Statement #1---you know it's not...stop pretending it is..
Statement #2 Your worth is not based on what you do for your children. Is it? Stop pretending it is.
Statement #3 Your God given passion defines who Christ has made you to be...quit pretending it isn't
Statement#4 God's opinion is the only one that counts...quit pretending that it isn't.
Statement #5- sarcasm really is a lie...quit pretending it is truth
Statement #6
Quit pretending how you truly from your "CORE" feel....and pretend

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