Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a daughter...

Another daughter. Not that it makes a difference; but it does.

Now, if I say "Oh, my husband's at home with our daughter," I have to add to that sentence...'our youngest daughter...or oldest...or both', which ever will apply. I'm now the mother of a differential pair of daughters. This is substantial. Before I heard people say 'past two kid and it's all the same.' Simply untrue. Not that it is so much harder, but the fact is I want credit for the amount of flesh mass I've created on this earth; the square feet of carbon foot print that my labor and toil has granted this planet! Sure it may not be "green," but I should certainly get acknowledge for originating so much "tan." I mean, I've gestated a lot of tan...well... Eddie's more 'olive' but that's neither here nor there.

Either way, I made one heck of a good look'en baby.

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