Thursday, September 25, 2008


and excerpts...that weren't used, but that I'm still moderately satisfied with. (haha, that was a re-write of 'but I'm still proud of')

Pro-Life Feminists: Think Twice Before You Call Us Oxymorons!

There has been a lot of controversy in the news lately over the idea of Pro-Life Feminism. To many people, this is a non sequitur. Not based in logic or reason, rather on societal stereotypes. Who’s ever known a feminist who’s not Pro-Choice?

Allow me to shed some light on the logic behind this growing movement and also let you in on a little secret: Women, have been utterly deceived by society’s version of women’s liberation and by our “right” to abortion. It’s a crock and here’s why...
As a mother, I can tell you the most courageous decision I ever made in my life was bringing my son into this world when I was only 17 years old. I was single, terrified, and oddly enough, up for the challenge. Through this profound blessing I was able to discover a strength inside of myself that I never knew I even possessed. Choosing abortion to me would have meant running away from a fact. I WAS A MOTHER NOW. Nothing was going to change that, abortion or otherwise. In my opinion it would have been cowardly to terminate my pregnancy and meant I was running away from it; the very opposite, I thought, of what a strong, capable woman would do in this situation. Through my experience, I became super woman; resilient, powerful, and able to take on anything the world handed me.

The suffrage movement (note that I did not say the 'feminist movement') began as a way to acquire equal rights for women, rights which we desperately needed to be an active, contributing part of society. Rights which we deserved; the right to vote; the right to fair wages. Years later the feminist movement came along, still following the same basic concept of gaining equality, but with a few new; very deceiving, very detrimental twist. One which replaced striving for equality with settling for equality. No women deserves abortions rights. This is not an prize, rather a punishment. What intelligent woman would honestly fight for her ‘right’ to perpetuate a violent crime against her God given super power? The one thing which makes her unique...and in my opinion, superior.

Women began to think that if they were chained down with the burden of motherhood then we would never be able to compete in this man's world. So, what is the solution you fiery, old school feminists? Simple. Eliminate the problem. All very logical.
Very masculinely formulated. Unfortunately, also incredibly short sided. After we've 'eliminated the problem(s),' however many might rear their ugly pink plus signs over our 40+ year careers, then what? We get a corporate job, a commemorative gold watch and tear filled retirement party? We'll sure...that's comparable....or not. Now, will this gold watch be able to eliminate the years of guilt and anguish that MANY women feel following the violence of abortion? Will it compensate for a lifetime lost to inexplicable anger rooted in these women's psyche from going against nature and aborting their unborn child(ren)? Will it unshackle those same chains of bondage that we were fighting so hard to escape from in the first place? I propose this, why settle for equality when we are designed to do something no man will ever be able to do?

Who’s the oxymoron now?

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