Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday Dutch Bag!

Yeah, I know...that's not how it's spelled.

Sucks having an inside joke with a box of ashes.

Oh well, happy birthday all the same. I had a dream the other night about you and you had aged. Your hair was shorter, still long, but shorter; your face had more character and looked older. I wonder if that was really you? Some people think that they will get to be 25 again in their resurrection bodies....so maybe God jumped you up to what your 25 year old body would have looked like. I miss you terribly and this all still feels like a bad dream, but I know that now I'm another year closer to seeing you again.

Ok, enough of that.

Happy birthday; I know it has to be the highlight of your death to be featured in my blog. Thanks for letting me use your memory to solicit sympathy from my friends. (:


Julie said...

haha, your blog made me giggle...was it supposed to? It was sweet, nonetheless....

Anonymous said...

This is Derek. (Yea, it's taken me 2 1/2 years to figure out how to communicate via electronic signals.) Just wanted to say that I'm not amused at you using THAT picture of me on your blog. I mean... come on. I was a good-looking guy, and you used THAT picture?????

Thanks for the Happy Birthday message.

It's great up here. I get to play my guitar as often as I want, and I finally understand all kinds of things.

But I miss you. You were a great sister to me and I love you. Happy birthday to me!

Derek Stone Day

Julie said...


Destiny said...

hahaha, that was my dad Julie; don't worry. (:

Anonymous said...


I haven't been to your blog in a long time... I need to keep up and read more often.

When I saw the cute baby and read the blog, I wondered the story... and then I read the comments.

I get it, now.

I have a brother, too, up there.... He's been there since Valentine's Day 2001. I guess God wanted one of his son's close to Him on that very special day, when He called Him home. His name is John. I guess he hasn't learned how to communicate via electronic signals, yet, like Derek. :-)

I often wonder about John... and he's at peace and very healthy and strong, now. He's with my Dad who joined him November 2005. They are both happy, I know it!

Hey, Derek, would you look for my brother John (Jr.) and my Dad, who is also a John (Sr.)?

Oh, yea, and Derek, please also look around for my 2 grandmothers, 2 grandfathers... and....

Oh well, Happy Birthday, Derek! Party Time!

Love you!