Sunday, January 27, 2008

Give me a joke!

Posted: Friday January 25, 2008 at 1:24 pm EST by Phil Eddy
Perusing through the blogs at, I came across one posting that really irked me. Entitled "Survivors of Anti-Choice Indoctrination," the posting went on to cast doubt upon the reliability of the vast crowds of youth at the March for Life, and suggested that indoctrination by their parents is the cause of their anti-abortion passion.

In my opinion, this posting by Ann (and the subsequent comments from readers) lends to a highly ageist view that serves to diminish the accomplishments of young pro-lifers, as well as paint doubt on the depth of passion amongst pro-life youth.

I also think a double standard exists. Why is it that, when a young woman says she's pro-choice, she's heralded as intelligent beyond her years, but if a similar young woman is passionately pro-life, she's marked as "too young to understand?"
What do you think?
Rock for Life

As nothing more than a young, naive, indoctrinated, podunk from Texas I have to say I am incredibly offended by this woman's sentiments.

At no point in my life do I believe I will ever reach such an age of maturity induced enlightenment that I will simply forget my bodies natural inclination and RIGHT to bear children. This power, if I might add, is the one thing that makes me so freaking proud to be a woman! How dare you tell me that until I'm ready to throw that liberty into the garbage can I am less of a feminist than you! I AM A TRUE FEMINIST. You, Ann, are simply an oxyMORON!

And sorry but this generation is catching on to your lies. The "feminist" logic is so contrived and backwards that I'm surprised it's even taken us this long to figure it out. But to me, that implies that we are a much more intelligent and perspicacious generation than those before us.

'You mean, I'm such a strong, phenomenal being that I should be allowed to go out and have as much meaningless sex with as many men as I can, who will have no respect for me whatsoever and never call me again all in the name of equality; and even better, if I conceive a blessed child out of this juvenile union, I GET to kill it and live with life long regret? Boy, did I hit the jackpot by being born a woman in such a liberated day and age!'

Sorry, but because I DO use my brain, I see the quite obvious flaw in this way of thinking and say keep your enlightenment to yourself.


Anonymous said...

That's crazy...

Your response made some good points. =)

Anonymous said...

Give me a joke, aw. Inside joke.