Friday, August 10, 2007

I would also just like to add...

Have you ever noticed that the Birthday song feels at least 10 minutes long when it is being sung to you?

...even longer, when there are flagrant arm motions involved?


Julie said...

Do you ever wonder how it must be to have a song sung to you? Like, I'll see when so and so's husband/boyfriend/partner will write a song for them and sing it, and the whole time, they are looking into their eyes, and being really engaged.

I would not be able to do that!!

Destiny said...

pot-nu? Why so PC? Are you thinking of writing me a love song?

Anonymous said...


We just want you to know that God REALLY wants you to know how much He (and us) care about YOU, so you will fully realize that the LIFE PURPOSE that HE gave YOU, is really, really from HIM!

Never doubt His purpose for YOU! He created you for a reason... If you are embarrased, by us singing to you, that is a good embarrassment, I only wish others would do the same for me, one day... you are blessed for so many thinking of you... think on the positive. We do, and so does GOD!

Love you, and I barely know you... think how much your Heavenly Father knows and still loves you by His GRACE!


Steve Lucas said...

Says the blog writer! Oh, come on. You know you love the attention. By the way, great blog. But could you be a little edgier--you know, more "in my face!"?