Friday, August 10, 2007

The Summit Was To Die For Darling!




You know 3 days ago, as I was preparing for the leadership summit, I started to wonder, 'is it all really worth it?'

The ticket was kind of expensive, finding a sitter wasn't too easy, the drive was no fun, and just the valuable time that I was going to have to take out of my already busy schedule would be sorely missed and probably never made up.

So, here I sit, at the end of day two. And again I ask 'was it worth it'?

It of the best investments in my future that I could have made. The timing for this summit was perfect. And the money I'll save on Tylenol alone will be worth it, because these phenomenal leaders have saved me so many future headaches.

Yesterday Bill Hybel did a sermon entitled "Vision to Die for." Talk about God pounding a message into your head, er, sorry, I mean talk about God refining you...right Ally? Well, either way, this message spoke to me like no other. Would I die for my vision; that's easy, yes. Would anyone else die for my vision. ummmm, no. I have held on so tightly to this mission that seldom have I even let others attempt to participate in it.

So as I'm chewing over this concept in my head I begin to realize, 'hey, maybe dieing for this vision would be the best thing I could do for it!' My friends are all so passionate about me that they would probably rally around and carry on with great vigor and ambition-all in my memory. (this is a joke of course so please, don't call and tell Abrahm I need therapy...I mean, don't get me wrong, I probably do, but not for this.)

So then I start to realize, as a leader, should my Plan B involve offing myself for the cause? (: Red flag, right?

Well Bill offered an even better alternative, a Plan A if you will. When people are allowed to contribute to the vision then they feel apart of the vision. duh. Yeah, obvious now that I've heard it put in a wonderfully articulate and logical way. Funny how that works. And get this, not only will people be excited about it they may actually invest in it! crazy thought, I know.

...not to mention if it doesn't work out, I can always fall back on my shadow mission and become a wildly successful cult leader. Punch anyone?


Destiny said...

I feel that I should point out, this is the second blog entry where I have made fun of cultish behavior and then offered my readers punch. This should be closely monitored by my accountability partner.

Julie, write that may very well be evidence someday.

Sorry I cannot stop. I need sleep.

Julie said...

Aye, Boss...err...captain.