Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Big Mac

Do any of you still have nightmares? I think I average about one really terrifying one every six months....hence why I am up and have been up since 4:45 this morning.

Abrahm and I bought our Mac yesterday and we were joking that this is the first time we've ever had anything "rob" worthy. He was talking about buying this Apple chain that locks the computer to your desk and I guess that took root somewhere in my subconscious.

So, my phone rings. It's about 11:45 and everyone is already in bed. It's a number that I don't recognize but I answer anyway. About that time Eiffel wakes up and comes in the living room; I guess the ring woke her. So I am on the phone, holding Eiffel and walking into my bedroom because I need something off of the computer. All of this racket wakes Abrahm up and so in a sleepy voice he keeps asking me who I'm on the phone with. I kind of snap at him because I'm trying to do so many things at once that I can't pay attention to him. I start walking into the living room and by this time Abrahm has gotten up and is following me. All of the sudden I notice that the door is cracked open. I freeze. At that same exact moment I hear Abrahm say "Oh my God, who are you?!?!?!" As I turn around I fall into a sitting position with the phone still firmly rested hands-free on my shoulder. I utter the words "...we're being robbed," and right at that moment I see the red beam from the gun quickly turn to me...holding Eiffel.

I woke up immediately, barely able to take a breath.


KC said...

Hi Destiny,

I can so relate to this. I too dream about being shot, or dying in some fashion every now and then. It's odd, that even in my dream I always utter "I love you Jesus" as my last I guess that's good that it's penetrated into my subconcious.

My family and I attend GCC too. I've just started my own weblog you can check out at and I am trying to get interest in a group I've created that you can access from my home page too.

Anyway, great blog! Fun to meet other members!

Destiny said...

I'm pretty sure that I will die by being shot. I think god is preparing me for it honestly. I would say that I have at least 2 dreams a week where I am being hunted, targeted, or robbed.

In the beginning I always had this bone chilling fear, but now it's like second nature to fight back. I turn that fear into passion to protect my family or friends in the dream.

Dreams are an oddity, and I have a hard time thinking that they serve no purpose. God has to have a plan for them....they prepare us for things...sometimes.

Destiny said...

God God God, caps lock must be broken.