Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Only Time Christ Got Angry Is When He Went To Church

Before I am a Christian, I am a Christ follower.

Often we get caught up in titles; doctrine; denominations.

Why is it so hard to find a church that follows the BIBLE?!?!?!?!?!

I am tired and weary. I want to follow Christ; I want to do his work, and more and more and I am disappointed by his appointed.

We look down on the Catholics because they are too ritualistic, too far away from God. But when was the last time we had reverence for the Lord?

What about his teachings and how we carry them out? No, no, we are far too PC to actually follow the Bible.

I am so disappointed with the churches input on the issue of Life. I am disgusted. I am infuriated. I am jealous. I am broken hearted.

Church is an institution.

I am a Christ follower. nothing more. nothing less.


Julie said...

You and I both know that abortion is about more than a surgical procedure.

There are so many areas to be addressed, such as, why a) these women are getting pregnant too early, b) these women feel they have to be sexually active c) the atmosphere that they feel is unfit for them as a parent, whether it be finacial stress, family relationships, etc...

The of course, the aftermath of abortion.

I know you are a cut and dry type. But not everyone is. Basically, what I'm getting at, is I think everyone takes their piece of the puzzle, and focuses on that, whether its really focusing on their youth programs, and raising up these confident, Christ-like teens, to where they never get themselves into the situation in the first place, or focusing on the post abortion, having support groups, etc...

Whatever part the church decides to play, it all counts.

You are mad at abortion, but don't take your anger out on the church.

Destiny said...

I am mad at the blind eye.

Destiny said...

By the way, it should be noted that I am not just harping on our's been many lately that follow under the umbrella of "non denominational."

Julie said...

I didn't think you were, that's why I said the church, verses our church. Beast.

Anonymous said...

You should update your age on your about me section. =)

Cute new pic. on here by the way. I like how oyu do 4 to 24 that's cute with the pic.

KC said...

I sense a disappointment here in someone(or rather some ONES as the case may be).

What IS a church made of?
People right? And people are destined (no pun intended) to let other people down at some point. It's inevitable. I've let people down, you've let people down.
It happens in life.

Yet when we feel our needs have not been supported, that's as good a time as any to reflect. Why?
Why God? Are we looking to people to support our cause and meet our needs, or are we looking to God?

Continue to seek the good in each PERSON as an individual.
But seek God himself to resolve the conflicts of this world. Not people of the church.

KC said...

On an additional note...
My God has done way more awesome things for "my cause" than any person in my life ever has.
I bet your God will too.

Destiny said...

I agee. I know they are just people, but they are people who chose to answer God's Call and last time I checked that didn't mean only go along with the things that are convenient and won't ruffle feathers. I actually had a Presbyterian (USA not PCA) pastor tell me that their official stance, as a denomination, was Pro-Choice. How? How? How? READ YOUR BIBLE!!!

KC said...

Hmmm, well then I recant. I'm not sure how a church could take a ProChoice stand. I do understand background politics and what it takes to keep a church running (ie feathers ruffled between some) but I cannot see making a firm stand on something that is so obviously sin. The real test would be, what do they "teach" about it? Are they just silently prochoice, or are they preaching it?
Wonder if the pastor is prochoice in the "marriage fidelity" area?

Destiny said...

Nope, unfortunately they preach it; it just caused a big split from what I hear a few years back.

He told me that if I was really ProLife I should be working to end poverty, help secure the borders, and be against the death penalty. After that I politely thanked him for making it so crystal clear to me for the first time why so many people think this is a 'political' issue...I would too if I heard his argument. But we know better; it's a biblical principle.