Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Perfectly Pornagraphic!

No matter how much Planning goes into Parenthood, there's always a billion dollar non-profit waiting to corrupt your kids.


Planned Parenthood's 'Nobody's Fool' conference pushes pornographic sex book on children.

"Planned Parenthood has continued its assault on the lives and sensibilities of our children by conducting its 'Nobody's Fool' 2004 conference in Waco, Texas, yesterday," said Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International. "From start to finish, this conference was a thinly veiled attack on parental rights, public morality, and the health and well-being of our children."

Parents were not allowed to attend this conference with their children; it was open exclusively to children in the fifth through ninth grades (ages 10-14). "Planned Parenthood barred mothers and fathers from attending the actual sessions because Planned Parenthood knows that parental participation would have hampered the its efforts to indoctrinate these children into its world of lies and propaganda," observed Sedlak.

Children in grades seven through nine also received a free copy of the book, It's Perfectly Normal. "This so-called 'educational text' is nothing more than pornography in comic book form," stated Sedlak. "Planned Parenthood believes that it has the right to decide if our 12-14-year -old children should own a manual that contains detailed explanations on how to perform sexual acts and masturbation. These directions are accompanied by sexually explicit line drawings. This is irresponsible at best and child abuse at worst."

According to Sedlak, this problem will persist "until parents and all people of good will across the nation stand together to oppose Planned Parenthood's continued assault on our families and children."


What can be done to respond to grossly misleading claims like the one in the American Life League advertisement?

My response is that there is no response. I could spend all of my time responding to things that are said about my work that are not true. Or I can spend my time making sure that my books are up-to-date and the information is current, and I can continue speaking at schools ... and creating new books for kids.

I have no reason to defend my work because I'm proud of it. I do take great offense when the truth is not told about the content in my books. ... Part of our job description — my job, Planned Parenthood's job, librarians, and other adults — is standing up and saying that our kids and teens need comprehensive sex education to stay healthy.


When I picked this book up I could hardly believe my eyes. The cover said 10+, and at the ripe old age of 24 believe me, I'm 'nobody's fool' but it was making me blush. Suddenly I felt as if I were in the back alley of some sleaze shop secretly thumbing through a dirty magazine...and isn't PP's goal to keep "us" out of back alley's, hmmm?

Every single page had a 'cartoon' rendition of something overtly sexual on it...well, every page that is, except for the ones covering abortion. Come on! Abortion is PERFECTLY NORMAL, right PP? So why not diagram it as well? Oh, too offensive? Interesting. I'm so glad to know that you draw the line somewhere.

My favorite "doodle" was on page 23 where a character is bending over while holding a mirror behind her; I believe this drawing would be called a "money shot."

Honestly, this book is nothing more than a myriad of juvenile doodlings that you'd likely find on the wall of some truck stop bathroom. Not only does it show detailed pictures of sex acts, masturbation, and homosexuality, but it tells you that a lot of Christians *ick* will say that this stuff is wrong, but it doesn't hurt anybody, kiddos! Now take your condom lollipop and go off and play in the street!

I do not know what kind of logical, intelligent, decent adult would ever advocate that this book is expectable, much less commendable, but they are out there...and it looks like they're working for USA Today, The New York Times, and even Parenting Magazine....mmmm, I love this time of year, you can just smell boycott in the air!

This book is absolute trash and I would go ape if anyone ever gave this filth to my child...but then again they wouldn't dare...after all, we are caucasian and above the poverty line; not quite their demographic.

If you must see it to believe it, here, but you've been warned...18 and over, please:


Anonymous said...

a money shot is actually when a man cums on a woman. Normally this is in the area of the face. This is not meant to be disrespectful, but more of an educational amendium to your blog. I cannot speak to your common sensibilty that more and more young teens are getting pregnent due to lack of education, nor can I argue with you about the damage you do by fighting with an orginazation that fights to help children "sheltered" from sexual knowledge understand what is happening to them and to not feel dirty about it. Time, experiance, and life will go by and in the end we will all be wrong. There is only one Being who has the authority to claim to be right no matter what and I hope we both gain years of wisdom before meeting Her.

Destiny said...'re talking to a former teen mother who had more than enough education regarding sex, and rather than it keeping me chaste, the casualty in which it was always spoken, made it a recreational activity.

next time sign your name.

Anonymous said...

You talk about parents being "barred from attending" the conference, and "indoctrination." Clearly Planned Parenthood wasn't forcing children to attend against the wills of their parents- if there were parents who didn't want their children to be "indoctrinated," the simple solution is to keep your kids home and otherwise occupy them. I found this blog from a google search on "It's Perfectly Normal" after seeing a news story yesterday about a woman in Maine who pulled the book from her library and refused to return it on the grounds that it's "pornographic." If you or the woman in Maine would rather not expose your children to such things, then that's fine, but by taking the book out of the public library or by claiming that the conference shouldn't come to town, you're implying that you have the right to take away educational choice from other parents. Sex education opponents have been claiming for years that sex ed in public schools takes the choice of how to raise children out of the hands of the parents... well, congrats, that's EXACTLY what you're trying to do now. If you want to shelter your children, great, but don't try to make everyone else do the same.

Destiny said...

Actually Julie, PP usually preys on low income communities and offers the YMCA or Boys and Girls club summer camps something to do by attending their conferences. These parents are in no way informed what their children will be "educated" on during this field trip.

Cory Simonavice said...

Maybe thats because a majority of the churches that support bans on PP and sex education are based in ritzy high class nieghborhoods. And a large portion of unplanned pregnancies are in lower income areas where the children do not have access to superior education or in many cases responsible parents.

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