Monday, October 1, 2007

Pro-Life Memorial Day

Today we are kicking off "Respect Life Month!"

I had the pleasure of going back down to the Planned Parenthood site this morning with Eif in her sling. She was being extra cute as we prayed, giving me lots of hugs and kisses. Some angry woman pulled over and yelled at me but God must have put Holy earmuffs on me because I didn't hear a thing that she said. Do you ever notice how when you are doing God's Will you get that type of torment at first? I call it the 'fight in the car on the way to church' principle. I've come to almost look for those obstacles as a form of validation these days. (: The enemy doesn't waste time attacking things that mean nothing.

Add these to you calendar:

During "Respect Life" month, many churches conduct
local pro-life activities to help promote the Sanctity
of Human Life. Please do everything you can to help
promote and participate in these important activities!

Today, October 1, is recognized by many groups as
"Pro-Life Memorial Day" to remember the more than 48
million innocent children lost to abortion in America
since Roe v. Wade. Groups are holding candlelight
vigils, prayer services, and encouraging people to wear
pro-life t-shirts today. Get more info at:

Sunday, October 7, is the 20th nationwide Life
Chain, a peaceful and prayerful witness of Americans
standing for one hour praying for our nation. These
wonderful events will be held in hundreds of cities
across America and many 40 Days for Life locations are
participating in Life Chain as part of their efforts.
The founder and president of Life Chain, Royce Dunn,
has been one of the most vocal supporters of 40 Days
for Life and he is an amazing man of faith! Learn more:

On October 23, people will give up their voices for
a day in solidarity for the children lost to abortion.
Red arm bands and duct tape will identify them as
taking part in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity.
They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent
and educate others about abortion. Learn more at:

Many of the 3,000+ Christian pregnancy resource
centers around the country hold fundraising banquets
and events during this month. Please attend any of
these events held in your area and be as generous as
possible to help this crucial front-line work! Find a
pregnancy center near you by visiting:

Let's make EVERY pro-life effort a huge success during
October, so 2007 can truly be the year that marks
the beginning of the end of abortion in America!

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