Sunday, October 14, 2007


As some what of novas prayer peddler, what with the solicitation of 40 Days For Life now under my belt, I thought it was about time to really define what the essence of 'Prayer' is, to me.

To me prayer is the ultimate act of submission. It is saying 'Ok God, here it is; I'm ready for help.'

Just as our children often times try to impress us with their independent 'watch what I can do all by myself' attitude, we too do that same thing to our Heavenly Father. And likewise, as we nervously smile at their feeble attempts and fight that impulse to jump in and save the day, He does as well. I'll confess I have to physically stop myself from taking over when it comes to Aiden and Eiffel and their many endeavors...reading, writing, pouring milk straight from the gallon....all of these things would be so much better, and cleaner for that matter, if I just did them myself!

But of course, I can't, because we learn in the messes. He allows us that same lead way, with the comfort of knowing that no mess is too big for him to come over and wipe up.

As a control freak I have to admit, I like giving up sometimes. I enjoy letting the Lord carry my burden...I just think of it as a spiritual diet. After prayer we should feel lighter, we should feel more obedient, and we should feel closer to the Creator of the Universe.


Julie said...

I wish I felt lighter, I always feel guilty, because I'm like that girl who calls on the phone, and never gets off...

"Well God, I guess I'll just get goin...oh wait, I also need to pray for ..."

"Alright, well I guess we will talk again soon Go...shoot, I also need to pray for..."

I just feel like I'm never done, and I get too mentally exhausted, and then I just give up on praying. Which sucks, I know. I'm workin' on it.

Anonymous said...

You two are so cute. I love to read what ya'll write back in forth. =)

I have discovered that although I do pray in my head and out loud, etc. as well as journal my prayers down too into a book I have for them. It's just easier to try and talk through out the day to God. You can use any time and any place to strike up a convo. with him.

Maybe the writing them out aspect could help you too Julie. If ya haven't tried that already that is, it may be worth a shot. It helps me stay focused and I love to go back and see all the prayers that have been answered over the months, etc. It's great! =)

Nice blog 'D'. you always get my wheels turning. ;)

Destiny said...

I thought what the pastor said about Martin Luther, last night, was interesting. He would confess to a priest for like 4 hours everyday, and I can totally relate to that. The more you grow spiritually, the more you realize what a sinner you are.

I guess that's what I don't get about Catholicism. You kind of just have to go in and give the weekly sin highlights, otherwise we would all be in there for hours.

Kat I agree with you about praying all throughout the day though. The Lord brings those things to our minds for a reason, and saying a prayer right then and there is probably what he wants us to do.

Also Julie, you're that girl with everybody, not just God.

Julie said...

God forgave me, you should too.

Destiny said... that a bumper sticker?