Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ranch Martyr

You throw tomatoes when someone tells a bad joke;

And I guess a tub of ranch dressing when somebody's praying to end abortion.

Yeah,'s ok. After the fact, I totally laughed too. I mean who does that?

Right after it happened I gathered some volunteers together and we prayed for the individual who did this. Something that violent (ranch pelting) must have come from a place of hurt.

Father, we just ask you to open this persons eyes and heart, Lord, to your mercy and your grace. You know their sins, and you died on a cross for them, Lord. Whatever it is that they are so angry about, we know you are so ready to forgive. We ask that you just place a hedge of protection around of the rest of the volunteers that will be out here for the next 31 days God. Above all we know that you are our protector Lord. Amen.

And then, I can't help but picture the scene in Saved (a movie I shouldn't of seen I know, but I love, b/c it totally convicts me every time I see it) where Mandy Moore is so angry and self righteous she's about to throw her Bible at someone in a fit of anger. And in another scene, she is praying for a "poor sinner" just so that she can feel superior and gossip about that person.
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How many times was that 'ranch thrower' me? How many times have I hated my sin so much that I lashed out on others. Too many to count.


Julie said...

I can't tell if this is a serious blog or not, let me know, so I can leave a funny comment.

Destiny said...

go for it...but it better not have to do with my stretch marks.

Julie said...

Freddy Crugar joke....OUT!

Destiny said...


Anonymous said...

WOW...I hate that that happened...but man, you used it for good...that's what matters.

I love that you put the part about saved in there...that's so true of us all. Good outlook...and "inlook" at the situation. ;)

KC said...

Let me get this straight...
someone threw...ranch DRESSING? at you? salad?

PETA throws Red Paint on fur wearers...makes sense. I get it.

Prochoicers throw...ranch dressing??

Im having trouble making the connection.

Also- you are a courageous soul Destiny. Entirely Admirable. Thank you God, for Holy protection.
(Could you please pass the crutons?)