Monday, May 7, 2007


It seems like everyday my love for Eiffel grows stronger. I care for her, nurture her, and love her unconditionally. She can hug me now; she even gives sloppy kisses, but at the ripe old age of one I realize that she depends on me; she doesn't love me. While I know this deep mother/daughter bond will eventually grow into love , right now I can acknowledge it for what it is and simply relate it to my own spiritual walk with God.

I am so blessed by what He teaches me through my children. While I strive to love him everyday, live my life for him, and please him with my actions I know that I can barely begin to repay the love he has for me...for all of us. I will love Eiffel and Aiden forever, no matter what they do or don't do, and that love will never cease or waiver. It will be the one worldly truth they can always count on and take comfort in. I could not image my life without that same foundational belief in God, and I can't wait to explain that unimaginable love to my children.

So when does dependency morph into love? Is it stronger when one comes before the other?


Julie said...

You know, in that picture, she looks exactly like Abrahm.

Julie said...

...and, would you die on a cross for them?

Ooops, cross is could die on a minus sign...

*was that blasphemy?*

Destiny said...

I doubt I'd fit on a minus the percentage symbol taken?